Soundcraft Spirit 328 16 Channel Mixing Board

16 Motorized 100mm faders.
16 Microphone preamps.
Always boots and functions as expected.
$325 plus shipping. Local pickup welcome.
Suited For: Front of House (FOH), Recording, Live Sound, Studio
Prior owner had factory authorized repair facility replaced power supply.
Comes packed in original box, robust power cord and two lightpipe cables.
Comes with oversize roadcase - weight would add to the shipping cost.
Comes with an original MOTU 828 which is functional for getting 8 channels of digital Lightpipe audio from the 328 into a FireWire equipped computer. This 828 needs repair to pass audio signal from microphones or to use headphone jack.
Model: Spirit Digital 328
Brand: SoundCraft
Made In England
MPN: RW5546-001130

Number of Mic Inputs: 16
Number of Line Inputs: 16 channels plus 34 Digital and 5 Stereo
48 Volt Phantom Power
Phono Inputs: 4

Digital Inputs/Outputs:  ADAT Lightpipe
Channels: 16
Number of Buses:  8
16 motorized channel faders
16 UltraMic Plus Pre-amps on all 16 channels
56-bit internal processing
3 Band Sweeping Equalizer per channel
8 Channel, 24 bit A to D Converters
8 Channel, 24 bit D to A Converter
Two Pro Studio High Quality Lexicon FX Units for Limiters, Compressors and Gates

TimeCode: Reader and Generator Time-code synchronization
Built in Digital PatchBay
MIDI Controller 32 Channel
MIDI Data Librarian
16 analog insert points with optional Direct Outs

5 sets of Stereo Inputs feeding two stereo input channels
2 sets of 2-track inputs
4 analog auxiliary sends

2 x 8 track inputs Alesis ADAT optical format
2 x 8 track outputs Alesis ADAT optical format
2 x 8 track inputs TDIF
2 x 8 track outputs TDIF
1 x 8 track variable outputs Alesis ADAT optical format
1 AES input, and 1 AES output on XLR
1 S/PDIF input & output on RCA

Sample rate: 44.1kHz, and 48kHz
Word-clock input and output on BNC
1 SMPTE input on quarter-inch jack
Sony 9 pin for Machine Control
Cascade port on 26 way HD D-type connector
Use of stereo groups
Colorful LED buttons
Choice of Word-clock

2 x 8 track inputs TDIF16 “rotary encoders" for control of 16 rotary encoders with
High-end 16-bit, 20-bit, & 24 bit Conversion on A-to-D, and D-to-A with Pristine 128 Times Oversampling
Twin Lexicon Dynamics Processors for full range of control over Compressor's, Limiter's, and Gate's
Pro-audio Sequencer's allow dynamic automation of every mix parameter
Two internal Lexicon effects provides Studio Quality Reverb, Delay and other effects

EQ's and preamps really do sound fantastic
The new owner gets a lot for his money here - 16 preamps