Saxophone and Clarinet Lessons

Offering individual, private music lessons focused on saxophone and clarinet. My students learn to express themselves musically and acquire the skills necessary to successfully participate in ensembles, play in public and enjoy a lifelong love of music. To find out more - call or text today to 314-372-9164.
Lessons are Individualized and based on your goals, interests and ability. We build on your strengths.
Whether you are getting started or active in school all levels and ages welcome.
Want to improve your playing?
Want effective, personalized instruction on alto, tenor, baritone saxophones and clarinet?

Need help preparing for auditions?
Study with a competent, experienced teacher

Tuition Fees, Costs and Scheduling

Student Comments

Study areas

  • tone quality
  • music reading and counting
  • jazz improvisation
  • musicianship
  • technique
  • theory
helping speed musicians on their journey by:
  • identifying needs
  • providing support, guidance and tools in a comfortable learning environment

Parents, guardians and drivers
There's a waiting area in view of the lesson room with wi-fi connection and washroom

Tools, software and information for musician