Mark Casey
audio production highlights

On a daily basis - prepare audio materials 
in support of music lessons,
music practice and 
college level MIDI / sequencing classes.

Synthesizer programming & 
sound design
University City High School

Little Mermaid  2016

Beauty and the Beast 2015

Catch Me If You Can 2014

Footloose 2013

Seussical, Cinderella, Fame, Aida 2009-12

St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra
Pop’s Concert

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis

Sweeney Todd  2012

Alice in Wonderland 2012

St. Louis University Theatre

Lucky Stiff 2008


Live Recording / post production
CHARIS St. Louis Women's Chorus "Cravings" Concert

Lee Auditorium, Missouri History Museum
“Behind the Scenes” 2016
“Cravings” and “7 Deadly Sins” 2015
“Bon Voyage” 2014
“Broadsway” 2013

Robert G. Reim Auditorium
20th Anniversary Concert 2013


Studio Recordings

North of the Quarter

8 piece rhythm and blues musical group
mix studio recordings, post production

for band demos


Jerry Moser
Studio recording - music plus one

audio disk graphic design and production

2016 - 2011

Projects for Dr. Stephen Werner
sound design, audio engineering, music production, orchestrate scores,
live/studio recording / mix vocals, acoustic / synthetic instruments,
musical instrument performance
Tobit’s Triumph - musical

live production at The Ivory Theatre
Cosmic Mundane at the Tavern of Fine Arts
song, video retrospective 
live production
Zamboni Man by Stephen Werner

orchestrate score for video
record and mix vocals, sound design, 
synthetic instruments

Wrecking Ball by Stephen Werner

orchestrate score for satirical video
record, mix vocals, acoustic instruments 
and synthesizers


Damn You, Gilgamesh
52 songs, 120 minutes
Irish Farewell - music recording for lament
My Misery, Sara Long, 
Tony Stays
song recordings
“Poetry and Stories from South St. Louis”

audio CD to accompany book

Cosmic Mundane publisher

Warhola by Dr. Stephen Werner
orchestrate score for satirical video

record and mix vocals, acoustic and 
synthetic instruments