I work with school age students throughout the St. Louis area. Including these districts and schools:
Webster Groves, Hixson, Whitfield, Kirkwood, Ladue.
My students are often section leaders in their school bands.
Other nearby areas: Brentwood, Maplewood, Rock Hill, Afton and Lindbergh.
My adult students are from many walks of life: Including sales exectutives, pilots, surgeons, teachers, programmers and retirees. Some are just getting started while others are returning to music after layoffs.
Joy In Music

Audition for SLSMEA St. Louis Suburban Music Educators Association Middle School Jazz Band:
One of my students, a high school freshman, recently auditioned for and was accepted into Webster Groves High School Jazz 1 band. My student's hard work, perseverance and focus really paid off!
Kevin Cole, band director's review:


Hello!  As you heard from our son, he was chosen as alto sax first chair!  Pretty exciting stuff.  We want to thank you so much for all your help with preparing his audition pieces - it worked! :)
He will begin weekly Monday evening rehearsals on November 9th, so we were hoping to find a new 30-minute time slot for his lessons with you.  (He can still come at 4:00 next week Nov. 2nd).  Would you have anything available on Tuesday afternoons?  He could come any time from 4:00 on.
Thank you,

Hi Mark,
Yes, S.K. enjoyed the lesson and was visibly impressed with your playing! It got her excited, as she wants to be great, particularly before reaching the high school, so she has about a year, as a current 7th grader.
She'll be there Monday.  Please keep us posted on her progress.

Thank you,

Hi Mr. Casey,
Mr. Stevison at Hixson Middle School recommended that we call you about alto sax lessons for our 8th grade daughter. We hope that you have availability, she is anxious to get started especially because there is a big solo she is dying to get and she needs your help! You also come highly recommended by our friends, their son is our daughter's classmate and friend.
Please let us know your rates and availability; Her schedule is pretty open now on Mondays and Wednesdays, though Mondays would be best.
We hope to meet you soon!

Thanks, Mark!
... so in general what is your schedule?  I would be open to finding a time every other week, and then do weekly in the summer.  If we can work that out.
My son enjoyed his time with you and you're exactly what I think he needs - he needs work on tone, and I'd love to get him into improvising.
Let me know!
Hi Mark,
I have son in seventh grade, and Mrs. Tokos over at the school just mentioned you. He's doing really well. He's playing alto in concert band and tenor in jazz and wind ensemble.  But I'd like to get him some sax lessons.  He studied last summer with a kid from the H.S. band, and I'd like for him to take some lessons this summer for sure, but I wouldn't mind something a little more steady if we can work it out schedule-wise.  Like would you consider an every-other-week situation?
And where's your studio?
Thanks for your consideration -

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