iPad mini for music practice

I inherited an iPad Mini (thanks Dave and Ann) and use it as a music practice aid.
One of the first things to do is enable a virtual home button. This saves wear and tear on the physical button and more importantly requires less pressure to activate, so when your device is on a music stand you can get home without upsetting your stand.

To get the on-screen AssistiveTouch button to act like a true Home button:

Settings/General/Accessibility/AssitiveTouch/Customize Top Level Menu

1. Delete (using the "-" button at the bottom-right of the screen) all icons except for one icon (you cannot delete all icons, one will always remain)

2. Change the one icon remaining to "Home" by tapping on the remaining icon, then select "Home" from the list of available assignments

3. Tap Done

Now you can directly use the floating AssistiveTouch button like the hardware Home button, circled in red below:


For quick access my main practice apps are moved to the Dock:


Touch and hold any app on the screen until they all jiggle 

Now drag any app to another spot, including the Dock. You can drag app icons out of the Dock as well.

Of the 5 apps in the iPad's dock, four are in use on a daily basis:

AnytunePro+ is wonderful practice tool - if you're learning tunes from recordings (and you outta be) AnyTune has everything you need: Looping, tempo change and pitch change. All these functions work great. Tempo and pitch changes sound reasonably good, with minimal articfacts, until the changes get fairly extreme.

While the free version is functional - to use the software efficiently go Pro to have the critical "Transcribe Mode"

ClearTune - virtual tuner for iOS devices. Easy to set for Bb and Eb horns. Emits tone and has a virtual needle

iRealPro - backing track creator. Works on iOS, Mac and Android

Tempo, a flexible, intuitive metronome app. Tempo makes it easy to change from counting in 4 to counting in 2 and counting in 1.